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Metal Casting

 Content : -Steps in Casting
          -Casting Process Flow
          -Pattern and Mould
          -Melting and Pouring
          -Solidification & Cooling
          -Removal, Cleaning, Finishing and Inspection
          -Open and Closed Mould
          -Sand Casting
          -Patterns types
          -Pattern Allowances
          -Mould Material
          -Desirable properties of a Sand based Molding material
          -Effect of moisture, grain size and shape on mould quality
          -Gating system
          -Crystal structure in Castings
          -Riser – Location &
          -Casting Defects
          -Shell Molding
          -Investment Casting
          -Die Casting
          -Hot Chamber Casting
          -Cold Chamber Casting
          -Centrifugal Casting
-Comparison of Casting Processes

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