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Welding microstructure

The fusion zone
The partially melted zone
The heat - affected zone
Effect of welding speed on weld structure
Effect of heat input on weld structure
Nucleation and growth in the
fusion zone
Nucleation and growth at the
fusiion boundary
Epitaxial growth iin welldiing
Grain orientations iin base
metall and fusiion zone
Non-epiitaxiiall growth iin welldiing
Epitaxial and non epitaxial growth at the
fusion boundaries
Solidification modes
Growth rate and temperature gradiient
Variations in growth mode across welld
Weld metal nucleation mechaniisms
Heterogeneous nucleation
Effect of welding parameter on
heterogeneous nucleation
Welld pooll structure
Weld pool shape and grain structure
Effect of electrode diameter on weld structure
Grain structure control
Effects of inoculation
on grain structure
Welld pooll stiirriing
Arc oscillatiion
Manipulation of columnar grains
Arc pullsatiion
Effect of arc oscillation and pulsation on
weld microstructure
Stimulated surface nuclleatiion

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