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Summary of Casting Processes
Die-Casting Examples
General Characteristics of Casting Processes
Casting Examples
Sand Mold Features
Steps in Sand Casting
Pattern Material Characteristics
Patterns for Sand Casting
Examples of Cores and Chaplets
Squeeze Heads
Vertical Flaskless Molding
Sequence of Operations for Sand Casting
Sequence of Operations for Sand Casting (cont.)
Surface Roughness for Various Metalworking Processes
Dump-Box Technique
Composite Molds
Expendable Pattern Casting
Ceramic Molds
Investment Casting
Investment Casting of a Rotor
Investment and Conventionally Cast Rotors
Vacuum-Casting Process
Pressure Casting
Hot- and Cold-Chamber Die-Casting
Cold-Chamber Die-Casting Machine
Hot-Chamber Die-Casting Machine
Die-Casting Die Cavities
Properties and Typical Applications of Common Die-Casting Alloys
Centrifugal Casting Process
Semicentrifugal Casting
Single Crystal Casting of Turbine Blades
Single Crystal Casting
Melt Spinning
Types of Melting Furnaces 

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