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CNC milling

 Milling is a cutting operation with a geometrically specified cutting edge in which the tool makes the rotating main movement, and the feed as well as the infeed movement are generally made by the work part
Milling operations are classified according to the position of the milling axis towards the work part, i.e. between face milling and peripheral milling. In case of face milling, the milling axis is located vertically to the machining.
The work part surface is machined by the main cutting edges. Also, the work part surface is further finished with auxiliary cutting edges

---Theory of CNC Milling  Machine
---Basic Geometry for CNC Milling
---Cartesian coordinate system
---Polar Coordinate System
---CNC Milling Machine Coordinate System
---Zero And Reference Points On    CNC Machine Tools
---Machine Zero Point M
---Reference Point R
---Structure of  a NC Milling Programming
---Structure of an NC-Block (Format)
---List Of  G Codes
---Additional Functions (M-Functions)
---Clamping Devices For Milling
---Mechanical Clamping Devices
---Machine Vises
---Magnetic Clamping Devices
---Cutting Values
---Calculation Examples

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