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A turbocharger is basically a centrifugal compressor driven by a turbine which is run by the exhaust gases or emission gases coming out of the your car’s engine. The compressor used in the construction compresses the air which is about to enter the engine, to high pressure.

 With increased pressure, the weight or amount of fuel entering the same space inside the engine is increased. In this way, the burning of fuel is more efficient inside the engine chamber and it eventually results in greater performance of the vehicle from the same displacement of engine without need of a larger displacement engine. For example, if you put 30% more fuel in the same engine cylinder, the burning of that fuel will produce about 30% more power from the same size of engine.

Parts of a Turbocharger :-

  • Turbine 
  •  Compressor 
  • Bearing system 
  •  Manifold 
  •  Hot lines 
  • Cold lines 
  •  Lubrication Lines

Turbocharger Design and Operation :-

A turbocharger consists of two chambers connected by a center housing.  The two chambers contain a turbine wheel and a compressor wheel connected by a shaft which passes through the center housing. 
 The exhaust drives the turbine wheel on the left, which is connected to the impeller wheel on the right through a shaft. The bushings that support the shaft are lubricated with engine oil under pressure.

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