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Standard Location of Welding Symbols

Elements of a Welding Symbol

A welding symbol consists of the following eight elements:-
  1. Reference line,
  2. Arrow,
  3. Basic weld symbols,
  4. Dimensions and other data,
  5. Supplementary symbols,
  6. Finish symbols
  7. Tail, and
  8. Specification, process or other references.

Standard Location of Welding Symbols

According to Indian Standards, IS: 813 – 1961 (Reaffirmed 1991), the elements of a welding symbol shall have standard locations with respect to each other. The arrow points to the location of weld, the basic symbols with dimensions are located on one or both sides of reference line. The specification if any is placed in the tail of arrow. Below image shows the standard locations of welding symbols represented on drawing.

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