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Mars Turbine

11:00:00 AM
The Mars Turbine captures the higher speed winds found at altitudes of up to 1,000 feet and converts them into electricity using a genera...Read More

Diesel Filter

10:49:00 AM
A  diesel particulate filter   or  DPF  is a device designed to remove  diesel particulate matter  or  soot  from the  exhaust gas  of a ...Read More

Nut Types

8:18:00 AM
A  nut  is a type of  fastener  with a  threaded  hole. Nuts are almost always used in conjunction with a mating  bolt  to fasten two or ...Read More

Canned Cycle

8:07:00 AM
A  canned cycle  is a way of conveniently performing repetitive  CNC  machine operations. Canned cycles automate certain machining functi...Read More
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