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Unit Conversion Table ( Linear Measurement )

Conversion of units for linear measurement is the conversion between different units of length for different another unit, typically through multiplicative conversion factors...Save this table you will need it later!!!

Manual cement bricks making machine

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Cross Section Of A Spark Plug

spark plug is a device for delivering electric current from an ignition system to the combustion chamber of a spark-ignition engine to ignite the compressed fuel/air mixture by an electric spark, while containing combustion pressure within the engine.

Different Types Of Springs

The springs are defined as an elastic body which stores mechanical energy and gets distorted when loaded and regains its original shape when load is removed.  Springs main function is to get distorted when it is loaded and recover its original shape when load is removed.

The various applications of springs are as follow
  • To cushion, absorb or control energy due to shock and vibration as in bike or car springs, railway buffers, shock absorbers, aircraft landing gears and vibration dampers.
  • To apply forces, as in brakes, clutches and spring loaded valves.
  • To controls the motion by maintaining contact between two elements as in cams and followers.
  • To measure forces, as in spring balances and engine indicators.
  • To store energy, as in toys and watches.

Types of springs

On the basis of shape the types of springs are

1. Helical Springs or Coil Springs

It is a spring which is made up of a wire coiled in the form of helix. It is made to handle tensile and compressive loads.

2. Conical and Volute Springs

These are the compression spring have conical shapes. The conical springs are wounded with a uniform pitch whereas the volute springs are wounded in the form paraboloid with constant pitch and lead angles. Under compression, coils of these springs slide past each other and make the spring to compress to a very shorter length.

3. Torsion Springs

It is a spring that works on torsion or twisting. It stores the mechanical energy when twisted.

4. Laminated or Leaf Springs

It is a type of spring which is mostly used in automobile suspension, electrical switches and bows. It consists of a number of flat plates (known as leaves) of varying lengths held together by means of clamps and bolts

5. Disc or Belleville Springs

It is a disc shaped spring. It is commonly used to apply tension to a bolt. It is also called as Belleville washers and conical compression washers

On the basis of how the load force is applied springs are classified as

1. Tension or Extension Spring 

Tension or extension springs works on the application of tension loads. When tensile load is applied to this spring it extends to some length.

2. Compression Spring

The compression springs are designed to operate when compressive load is applied to it. It contracts under compression.

3. Torsion Spring

It is designed to work under twisting. It stores mechanical energy when twisted.

4. Constant Spring

It is a type of spring in which the supported load remains the same throughout the deflection cycle.

5. Variable Spring

Variable spring is a spring in which the resistance in the coil to load varies during compression.

Steam Boiler

Steam boiler or simply a boiler is basically a closed vessel into which water is heated until the water is converted into steam at required pressure. This is most basic definition of boiler.

Check your plugs!

If you detect performance problems like slow pickup or poor gas mileage, check your spark plugs as a possible cause. Replace them if you find evidence of damage to the insulator (body near the head) and the electrode (metal points that form the “gap”)

Engine Problems Caused by Defective Plugs
· Starting defect
· Misfiring when idling
· Misfiring during normal running
· Misfiring only when running at high speed or when accelerating suddenly
· Loss of power when running at high speed or under high load Piston breakdown
· Trouble other than with the engine

How Often Should You Change Spark Plugs?
Determining how often to change a spark plug on a vehicle involves several factors. Checking the owner’s manual will reveal the recommended plug change interval. Driving conditions and overall mechanical shape will impact recommended spark plug service, too.

Physical Fitness Exercises Tips

These are all the exercises that we need to do for optimum physical fitness. Personally, i would do 10 of these sets at a can see now more than 40 kind of fitness exercises that you can make it easily.if you already do some of this just tell us about the number of the one you do in the comments below !!! 
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