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Ball and Roller Bearings

Classification and Characteristics of Rolling Bearings
Rolling bearing construction
Classification of rolling bearings
Characteristics of rolling bearings
Bearing Selection
Boundary Dimensions and Bearing Number Codes
Bearing Tolerances
Load Rating and Life
Bearing Load Calculation
Bearing Fits
Bearing Internal Clearance and Preload
Allowable Speed
Friction and Temperature Rise
Sealing Devices
Bearing Materials
Shaft and Housing Design
Bearing Handling
Bearing Damage and Corrective Measures
Bearing Dimension Tables

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  1. Ball bearings have both a high radial and thrust capacity, and are found in a large range of applications where the load is small.
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  2. Lubricants do play an important role for the maintenance of the bearing. It also prolongs its life significantly. babbit bearings


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