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Sheet Metal Working

--Other Sheet Metal Forming Operations
--Dies and Presses for Sheet Metal Processes
--Sheet Metal Operations Not Performed on Presses
--Bending of Tube Stock
--Clearance in Sheet Metal Cutting
--Sheet Metal Groups Allowances
--Punch and Die Sizes
--Angular Clearance
--Cutting Forces
--Sheet Metal Bending
--Bend Allowance Formula
--Die Opening Dimension
--Drawing Ratio DR
--Guerin Process
--Advantages of Guerin Process
--Dies for Sheet Metal Processes
--Punch and Die Components
--Progressive Die
--Stamping Press
--Types of Stamping Press Frame
--Stretch Forming
--Roll Bending
--Roll Forming
--Explosive Forming
--Electromagnetic Forming

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  1. I have been working with sheet metal for a couple of years and went to school to learn die casting and metal work. I really like my job and I am making good money, too.


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