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Metal Casting

 Foundry or casting is the process of  producing metal/alloy component parts of desired  shapes by pouring the molten metal/alloy into a prepared mould (of that shape) and then allowingthe metal/alloy to cool and solidify. The solidified  piece of metal/alloy is known as a
 ---Casting Terms
---Basic Features
---Schematic diagram of casting mould
---Sand Casting Terminology
---Steps involved in making a casting
---Applications of Casting:
---Raw Materials for Foundry
---Metals and alloys commonly used in Foundries
---Pattern Making
---Functions of Patterns
---Selection of Pattern Materials
---Types of Patterns
---Types of Pattern Allowances
---Pattern Layout
---Pattern Construction
---Moulding Materials
---Molding Sand Composition
---Shape of the Sand Grains
---Effect of moisture, grain size and shape on mould quality
---Types of Moulding Sand
---Sand Moulding Process
---Casting Methods

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