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Structural Aluminium Materials

---Aluminium Alloys
---Aluminium and its Alloys
---The Alloy Designation System
---The Four Digit Alloy Designation System
---Temper Designation
---The Choice of Alloy and Temper
---Aluminium Product Forms
---Extrusions for Structural Applications
---The Extrusion Process
---Direct Extrusion
---Indirect and Hydrostatic Extrusions
---Extrusions for Various Applications
---Sheet and Plate for Structural Applications
---The Cold Rolling Process
---Hot Rolling
---Alloys for Rolled Products
---Casting Alloys for Structural Applications
---Availability - Possibilities and Limitations
---Rolled Products
---Rolled Products
---Extruded profiles
---Appendix: The nature of heat treatment
---Solution Treatment

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