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Types & Classification Of Furnaces

A furnace:- is an equipment to melt metals • for casting or • for heating materials or • for change of shape (rolling, forging etc) or for change of properties (heat treatment).

Types and classification of furnaces:-

Furnace classification Recuperative Regenerative According to mode of heat transfer According to mode of charging Mode of heat recovery Open fire place furnace Heated through liquid medium Periodical Forging Re-rolling (Batch / continuous pusher) PotContinuous Glass tank melting (regenerative / recuperative) Based on the method of generating heat: combustion type (using fuels) and electric type.

Melting Practices Melting:- 
is an equally important parameter for obtaining a quality castings. A number of furnaces can be used for melting the metal, to be used, to make a metal casting. The choice of furnace depends on the type of metal to be melted. Some of the furnaces used in metal casting are as following: 
 1-Crucible furnace Cupola.     
 2-Induction furnace.     
 3-Reverberatory furnace .

Crucible furnaces:- 

are small capacity typically used for small melting applications. Crucible furnace is suitable for the batch type foundries where the metal requirement is intermittent. The metal is placed in a crucible which is made of clay and graphite. The energy is applied indirectly to the metal by heating the crucible by coke, oil or gas. The heating of crucible is done by coke, oil or gas. 

Induction furnace : 

Induction heating is a heating method. The heating by the induction method occurs when an electrically conductive material is placed in a varying magnetic field. Induction heating is a rapid form of heating in which a current is induced directly into the part being heated. Induction heating is a non-contact form of heating. The heating system in an induction furnace includes:      
1. Induction heating power supply,      
2. Induction heating coil,      
3. Water-cooling source, which cools the coil and several internal components inside the power supply.

Reverberatory furnace : 

A furnace or kiln in which the material under treatment is heated indirectly by means of a flame deflected downward from the roof. Reverberatory furnaces are used in copper, tin, and nickel production, in the production of certain concretes and cements, and in aluminum. Reverberatory furnaces heat the metal to melting temperatures with direct fired wall-mounted burners. The primary mode of heat transfer is through radiation from the refractory brick walls to the metal, but convective heat transfer also provides additional heating from the burner to the metal. 

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