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Process and Instrumentation Symbols

This table show the Processes and Instrumentation Diagrams that used special shapes to represent different types of equipment, valves, instruments and pipelines.

Rotary compressor :- 
is a type of gas compressor which uses a rotary type positive displacement mechanism.

Mixing :- 
is a device that combine or put some materials together to form one substance or mass.

Mixing vessel :- 
is a container that is used to blend several components together.

Heat exchanger :- 
is a device used to transfer heat energy between two process flows. Heat exchangers transfer heat energy through conductive and convective heat transfer.

Cooling towers :-
 transfer heat energy to the outside air through the principle of evaporation.

Cooler :-
 is a device, container or room that cools air through the evaporation of water or keeps air cool.

Turbine driver :- 
is used to drive pumps and fans at petrochemical plants.
Furnace :- 
is a device for heating a continuous current of air by means of a fire contained within the apparatus and without mingling the fresh air with the products of combustion.

Boiler :-
 is a closed vessel in which water or other fluid is heated.

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