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Tire Codes

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of numerous codes written on the sidewall of tires could be?
These codes are meant to help you  buy the right tire. And also save your life!
Do you  know that those codes contain information about the type of vehicle to be used with it, Car tire expiration date, size of rim, load and speed ratings? Using a wrong tire can cause fatal accident. Now these codes can really save your life.
Usually, a tire will have similar to P205/60R16 90H printed on its sidewall.

Tire Type
Tire Type The letter "P" at the beginning of the "Tire Size" tells us that the tire is a P-Metric tire, referring to tires made to certain standards within the United States, intended for Passenger vehicles.

If a tire size has no letters at the beginning, this indicates a Euro metric tire. Also note that P-Metric and Euro-Metric tires may have different load capacities.

The letters "LT," either at the beginning or at the end of the tire size indicate the tire was designed for light trucks. Vehicle manufacturers equip some light trucks with "LT" type tires. These tires generally require higher inflation pressures than passenger tires.

T on the other hand means Truck vehicles.

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